Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Great Blizzard of 1717 (and the bright side to all this snow)

As you may have noticed, fellow Mainers, we’ve had a bit of snowfall lately. And while this has been a doozy of a storm, I’m here to tell you about when Maine had it worse. Introducing: The Great Blizzard of 1717 The Great Blizzard of 1717 (Also called “The Great Snow”) was a series of […]

Ice Sculpting and a Polar Plunge…It’s Winterfest!!

On Saturday, I picked up my sister and we took the beautiful drive along route 1 to Camden to attend their 15th annual Winterfest!  After parking, we made our way to the Amphitheater to view the ice sculpting.  On our way, I couldn’t help but notice that the air was abuzz with the excitement and joy […]

Umami Noodle Bar!

If you’re like me, then you’ve walked and driven past Umami’s in downtown Bangor, and wondered what it was like inside.  Well, you can put your wonderings aside. I finally went in, and now I’m here to deliver my rave review! When I stepped through the doors of Umami, I was greeted with warmth, acoustic […]