Ice Sculpting and a Polar Plunge…It’s Winterfest!!


On Saturday, I picked up my sister and we took the beautiful drive along route 1 to Camden to attend their 15th annual Winterfest!  After parking, we made our way to the Amphitheater to view the ice sculpting.  On our way, I couldn’t help but notice that the air was abuzz with the excitement and joy that a festival brings.  Once at the amphitheater, we discovered that there were 12 teams, each sculpting chunks of ice that originally weighed in at 300 pounds.  After chipping away at them, the blocks slowly turned into works of art.  There was a dolphin, pineapple, and even a sculpture of Anna from Frozen!

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I had the pleasure of talking with Eva Thompson, captain of Team Thompson, as she sculpted a loon.  She is a stone carver, and this was her third year sculpting at Winterfest.  She said that the first year she came, she tried to go it alone, but felt rushed and unfinished by the end.  That experience, she explained, taught her to ask for help, and she had a full team of friends and family assisting her this year.  She capped off our mini-interview by saying that her favorite part of sculpting was seeing the piece come together and watching the ice transform into a work of art.

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I then made my way to Camden Harbor to witness the Polar Plunge!  I was very impressed by the brave souls that participated, since I was freezing in the 26 degree weather despite being bundled up and toting around a warm cup of coffee!  When the whistle sounded, they all leaped in, dunked, and then rushed back out to join the others around the fire pit.

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All in all, it was a great event and Saturday was only the beginning!  Camden’s Winterfest lasts through the end of this week, with various events, and it will be capped off by the national toboggan championship this coming Friday through Sunday.  Though it can be easy to stay at home in the cold, I found myself without an excuse to get out and enjoy the fresh air, and to celebrate all that Maine has to offer during these chilly winter months.

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What about you?  Have you ever been to Camden’s Winterfest?  What events are there in your area that promote outdoor fun in the cold? Share in the comments below and join in the conversation!

For more information on the Camden Winterfest:

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