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Suicide Hill and the meaning of life

  A few weeks ago (after our most recent big snowstorm) I invited a friend from work to hike Essex Street’s loop trail, around a hill that’s colloquially known as Suicide Hill.  It’s known as Suicide Hill since its angle is treacherously steep, often causing sledding conditions to become dangerous during the winter months. We met […]

I Found My Thrill… on Blueberry Hill in Maine!

Happy belated Martin Luther King Jr. day! When you think of hiking and discovering beautiful colors in Maine, your mind probably runs to our warm summers or dazzling autumns.  However, the colors and fresh air I enjoyed over this past weekend were found in Maine and, that’s right, in January! Regardless of the chilly air. […]

Canoeing the St. Croix River!

Hello everyone! Although today’s adventure is longer, and not as accessible as most of the posts I strive to write, The St. Croix River is too near and dear to my heart to leave out. For a bit of background, I began co-leading overnight canoe trips with Living Waters Camp when I was sixteen, and […]

Gulf Hagas & Screw Auger Falls

What a day!  The morning dawned clear and bright, and my husband Grant and I loaded the car for our trip to the Northwoods.  It was only about 1.5 hours from Bangor to the KI Road (a dirt road that, after about 15 miles, lead us to the trail entrance).  We stopped in at the […]